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CapInfo Housing Fund System Awarded Excellent Software by MOHURD

The 8th Smart City Building Technology Seminar and Equipment Expo hosted by the Information Center, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), was staged in the Beijing International Convention Center on October 30th2013. The event announcedthe result of the application software evaluation in the housing and urban-rural construction sector in 2013 followed with presentation of awards. TheHousing Fund Comprehensive Information Management System V5.0 developed by Capital Information Development Co. Ltd. (CapInfo) was awarded Excellent Software.
CapInfo relevant chief noted that with the more mature application of mobile communication technology, internet technology and safe payment, the housing fund management centers are extending their business from counter to online, from self-established management business outlets to a network by using bank networks, from face-to-face to internet and telephone. All these initiatives have become the trend of services. The idea of building a smart city is all the more triggering a change of service concept in the housing fund industryto a people-oriented one.The original accounts-centered management model is no longer able to satisfy people-oriented service request. Business to both individual and unit will change the existing service model, from such basic services as simple collection, withdrawal, and loan to a smart application service. CapInfo’s Housing Fund Comprehensive Information Management System V5.0 is just a package of smart housing fund system developed to support the conversion of the city’s housing fund building. The system is applicable to Housing Fund Management Centers for their collection, withdrawal, and loan of the housing funds as well as other informationalized systems of the housing fund management.
According to relevant information, the application software testing and evaluation of the housing and urban-rural development sector aims at regulating software testing and evaluation behavior in the field. Software testing and evaluation will boost software industrialization of housing and urban-rural development sector, enhance application software level, allow software applied in all industries in the construction field more accessible to the application demands, with better and higher functionality and property while at the same time it will also serve to regulate application software market, guide the development direction of application software products.