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CapInfo 2012 New Graduates Orientation Training Held

A training session on Beijing Government Cloud Communication and Education, hosted by Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology (BMCEIT) and co-organized by CapInfo Co. Ltd., was held on 27 June 2012 in Beijing. TONG Tengfei, Deputy Director of BMCEIT, Wang Xu, President of CapInfo, and GONG Chengliang, CapInfo’s CTO, attended the training session.

CapInfo New Graduates Orientation 2012 was held in CapInfo’s Headquarter DaYunCun on 2 July 2012. All senior leadership of CapInfo were at the commencement ceremony to welcome the 64 newly graduated college students. The training session was presided over by Ms. WU Liangyu, Deputy General Manager of Training Department, CapInfo Institute.

WANG Xu, CapInfo President, and WU Bo, CapInfo Vice President and Dean of CapInfo Institute delivered a speech respectively at the meeting, welcoming the joining in of the 64 students. WANG said that CapInfo had a unique culture, a unique history and unique resources; he hoped that everyone would work hard in their future work to inherite and innovate, to think and undergo trials with the development of CapInfo. At the end of his speech, President WANG used Chairman MAO’s words as encouragements to the students: The world is yours; the world is ours. But ultimately it is yours. You are the energetic youth, just like the eight or nine o’clock morning sun. Our hope is pinned on you. The world belongs to you. And then senior leadership awarded books to the students. ZHANG Lunkai from Minzu university of China spoke at the commencement ceremony as a representative of the new staff. He told his personal story from attending the promotion meeting at BeiHang University, and then the “YinZhi Training” through which he learnt about CapInfo’s corporate culture; he said he would merit the trusts of Capinfo and make his utmost contribution to the development of the company in his future work. The commencement ceremony ended in the Orientation Song “I Believe.”

The 64 new staff were the first group of new graduates that CapInfo took in after the establishment of the “International Cooperative Research Center” with the US SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY. They are the first batch of emerging forces that are independently cultured by CapInfo Institute, while, at the same time this is also an important step of CapInfo in serving its Twelfth Five-Year" strategic echelon of talents plan. From 2 July to 10 August 2012, the new staff would familiarize CapInfo and its businesses through more than a month comprehensive orientation training, including tour of office areas, team building and other orientation trainings.