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CapInfo Assists BMCEIT with e-Government Cloud Communication and Education Training

Currently, “Cloud Computing” technology and application attracts national and international attention. Beijing is now at important opportunities of economic, social and city development. The ambition of “building a world city with Chinese characteristics” has requested a higher standard and criteria for Beijing’s e-Government development. In a new round of e-Government development efforts, applied cloud computing mode will be the effective means to guarantee intensive effectiveness, promote standardization and sharing of synergies. The “Beijing Lucky Cloud Engineering” Action Plan (2010-2015) says to “centralize planning and speed up Government Cloud building,” putting cloud application of the whole city in motion. Under this big context, e-government cloud building and training of this in Beijing’s commissions, offices and bureaus seems particularly important.

This training mainly targeted at management team, design, planning and technical personnel of information center of all commissions, offices and bureaus of Beijing and its districts and counties. and the content of training included Beijing’s e-government cloud building status, displaying of the functionalities, basic services and usage of the Beijing e-Government Internet Cloud Platform undertaken by CapInfo, displaying the improved performance results brought to e-government information systems of all commissions, offices and bureaus as well as all districts and counties by the Beijing e-Government Internet Cloud Platform getting on line, rendering all commissions, offices and bureaus the opportunity to fully learn about the target, planning and significance of building of Beijing e-government cloud and at the same time offering guidance to future informatization construction of commissions, offices and bureaus.

CapInfo’s joining BMCEIT in co-organizing the training signifies that CapInfo has become the market leader of “smart city cloud service” industry by successfully building e-government internet cloud platform.