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CapInfo Comes Second in BSAM’s First Staff Sports Meet

5 May 2012 was warm and beautiful. Beijing State-Owned Assets Management Co. (BSAM) held its first sports meet for its employees on this early summer day at the National Stadium, the Bird’s Nest. This was also the first sports meet held by BSAM within the whole system, and a signature event for the anniversary celebration of BSAM’s restructuring last year. The games were meant to enrich the cultural and sports life of the BSAM staff, enhance their physical constitution, promote exchange between BSAM subsidiary companies, connect and bring together employees, promote innovative corporate development. BSAM Secretary and Chairman LI Aiqing, President ZHI Jun, and other senior management attended the Opening Ceremony. A thousand strong CapInfo staff and family members were at the site as spectators. With solidarity and smart efforts, CapInfo came second in total score among all participating teams.

CapInfo’s leadership placed great importance on this sports Gala. A preparation committee was specially set up and was led by relevant leadership, with the trade union of the company and the Administrative Department being left with the specific organization and coordination. Under aspiring internal mobilization and careful selection, a team of 77 competitors from CapInfo registered and participated in the Sports Meet which covered a total of 45 single and team events.

At the march-in ceremony, CapInfo’s athletes were in red and white coloured sportswear and marched in with orderly steps, resonant slogans and colourful silk band in hand, unified and exuberant. In the Exercise-to-the-Radio-Broadcast Competition event, CapInfo’s uniformed alignment and movements were expressive indicators of achievements in the agreeable fusion between corporate architecture and the staff’s habitual exercise going. In the competition fields, athletes representing CapInfo, cheered by staff and family members on the Grandstands, tried their utmost for the best results; the strong sporting, unified and concerted atmosphere touched everyone.

The sports meet was an event to fully exhibit the style and features of all BSAM companies. It created an Everybody-loves-Sports atmosphere, and also provided a platform of exchange for BSAM’s subsidiaries. Encouraged by the good performance at the sports site, CapInfo is confidently heading towards the future for its business development.

Pic.1:  CapInfo Athletes with BSAM Leadership

Pic.2: CapInfo Leadership

Pic.3:  March-In Ceremony

Pic.4: Second Winner Plaque