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“Jing Yi Tong” Card Launching Ceremony Held in Beijing

    In order to facilitate the patients without medical insurance and patients outside Beijing to see doctors in Beijing’s hospitals, the “Jing Yi Tong” service was first launched at Beijing Friendship Hospital on April 21, 2012. FANG Laiying, Director of Beijing Administration of Hospitals, YAN Bingzhu, Chairman of Bank of Beijing, LIU Jian, Director of Beijing Friendship Hospital, and XU Zhe, Chairman of Capinfo together unveiled the “Jing Yi Tong” card. Present at the launching ceremony were also WANG Xu, President of Capinfo, ZHENG Zhiguang, Vice President of Capinfo, representatives from Beijing Municipal Bureau of Health, directors of dozens of hospitals in Beijing and presidents of many branches of Bank of Beijing.
     “Jing Yi Tong” is a project constructed jointly by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Health, Beijing Administration of Hospitals and Bank of Beijing to provide unified settlement service at public hospitals in Beijing for patients without medical insurance and patients outside Beijing. According to estimation, 40% of the out-patients in Beijing’s hospitals will benefit from the project. Upon application for and obtaining of the “Jing Yi Tong” card, the target patients may achieve easy inter-hospital medical treatment and fees settlement with information stored in the card. The “Jing Yi Tong” Card and Social Security Card will constitute the “One-card-through” System for medical service in Beijing, covering all patients who see doctors in Beijing’s hospitals.
    Capinfo undertakes the technical development, deployment, operation and maintenance for the “Jing Yi Tong” project. Under the leadership of the “Jing Yi Tong” project work team, the Company has accomplished the system development, testing, deployment and card production for the Project after half a year’s efforts, and will continue to undertake the operation and maintenance for the Project in the later phase. In building a Smart Beijing, Capinfo will enhance its resource advantages in medical insurance platform and social security card service platform, provide customized IT products and solutions for medical service providers and patients through participating in the construction of projects like “Jing Yi Tong”, and “integrate technology into urban life”, making people enjoy the convenience brought by smart medical service.

Photo:  “Jing Yi Tong” Card Launching Ceremony