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A Symposium of Green Information Group, Green City Group of the 9th SATEC Held in Beijing

    During April 16-19, 2012, the Green City Group Sessions of the 9th Sino-American Technology & Engineering Conference (SATEC) were held in Beijing. As a member unit of the SATEC, and the first “High-End Foreign Experts Introduction and Cooperation Base” in Beijing, Capinfo Co., Ltd. (Capinfo) was entrusted to organize the symposium of Green Information Group, Green City Group of the 9th SATEC. On April 17 and 18, 2012, Chinese expert AI Jianjing, Chief Engineer of Capinfo and the technical team of the company held in-depth discussions with American experts on “The Application of Cloud Computing and IOT Technology in Hospital Information Systems” at the headquarters of Capinfo and the Beijing North Star Continental Grand Hotel. WANG Xu, President of Capinfo, WU Bo, Vice President of Capinfo and President of Capinfo Institute, as well as representatives from the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, China Association for International Exchange of Personnel (CAIEP) Beijing, Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Health, Beijing State-Owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. and the Beijing Industrial Developing Investment Management Co., Ltd. attended the symposium.
    The symposium was presided over by AI Jianjing. MENG Shengnan, Director of the Medical and Health Information Technology Engineering Center of Capinfo Institute delivered a keynote speech on “Capinfo’s Achievements on the Application of IOT in Urban IT”; Dr. Phillip Chang, Head of the Green Information Group, Green City Group of the 9th SATEC, an expert in IT in the US, and two other experts spoke respectively on “IOT——Challenges and Solutions”, “How to Cope with the Change of Technology in Internet from the Technical Perspective?” and “What’s the Most Important ‘Thing’ in IOT?” Capinfo’s technical team and foreign experts held discussions and exchanged ideas on medical information technology, especially the application of IOT in health.
    This symposium is a reflection of Capinfo’s successful practice of the close communication and cooperation with foreign experts in respects of talent, technology and intelligence by leveraging the platform of the SATEC, and has created a model in promoting the university-enterprise cooperation in a global range. Capinfo will continue to exert its advantages as a “High-End Foreign Experts Introduction and Cooperation Base” and “International Cooperation R&D Center” to introduce, digest and absorb domestic and foreign advanced technologies; it will also contribute its power to the introduction of advanced technologies to Beijing, to the building of a “Smart Beijing” and the development and progress of information technology in the capital by holding such international symposiums and intelligence and talent introduction activities.

Photo 1 Group Photo Opportunity at the Symposium

Photo 2 An Expert speaking at the Symposium