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CapInfo constantly promotes emerging technology applications such ascloud computing, the Internet of Things. With over 10 years professional IT service experience and through a scientific consulting methodology system, we have become a reliable strategic partner of our clientsin due course oftheir business development, providing holistic consulting and IT planning services, assisting them with their informaticswork in a systematic manner.

CapInfo is capable of providing three layers of consulting planning which includes: informatics frontier research and strategic planning, IT technology implementation planning, and IT management and service planning..

Our services include: Smart City, Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things Application, Intelligent Card Application, Internet Public Services, e-Gov, Urban Management, Community Informatics, Healthcare, Emergency Command, Personnel & Talents, State Assets Supervision, Housing Fund, Party Commission Informatics, Enterprise Informatics.

Informatization Cutting-Edge Research and Strategic Planning
IT Implementation Planning
IT Management & Service Planning