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CapInfosuccessfully built and operated Beijing’s informatization infrastructure - the Digital Beijing, the Smart Beijing, which is the e-Government Network and theGovernment Internet of Things Private Network of Beijing by adopting the BOO/BOT mode. Currently, it has networked more than ten thousandgovernment units and medical institutions, operating 200 plus horizontal and vertical e-government business systems, satisfying comprehensively theapplication demand of the capital’s government businesses.

We can offer integrated e-government solutions and professional technical service to our government clients at all levels based on our abundant e-government projects construction and service experience, including large-scale portal construction, construction of internal and external network data exchange platform, government business application software development, IT outsourcing serviceetc..

Our Goals: CapInfo’s IT service goes wherever the network goes!

Health Care

With more than ten years persistent efforts, CapInfo has built a health care information platform with great development potential: a health care network that covers 1,800 designated medical institutions and 350 social security institutes, a magnitude database that contains 10 mln insured people’s medical information, a health care system and card service system that covers the whole city, a 200 member team featuring in professional software development, core system maintenance and technical support.

We enable you to enjoy Smart medical treatments with our tailored medical information products and solutions. Our products include Medical Insurance Information System, Medical Internal Control Analysis System, Smart Consulting System, Hospital Medical Insurance High Availability Cluster System, Hospital “Operation Care-Free” Full Hosting Service, GIS and GPS Based Digital Drug Safety Supervision Platform, Medical Policy Interpretation and Consultation Knowledge Base Service, Extended Application of Social Security Card and IC Card etc..

Our major clients include Beijing Hospital (Ministry of Public Health), China-Japan Friendship Hotel, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital (China Academy of Medical Sciences), FuWai Cardiovascular Hospital (China Academy of Medical Sciences), RenMin Hospital (Peking University), Beijing TongRen Hospital, Beijing Friendship Hospital, Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Beijing Hospital of Chinese Medicine, Beijing Stomatological Hospital, Beijing ChaoYang Hospital, XuanWu Hospital, Beijing AnZhen Hospital, Beijing You’An Hospital, Beijing Children’s Hospital.

Smart CAPINFO is with you!

Community Service

Ten years ago, CapInfo has made it possible for every citizen in the community to live a more comfortable, happier and safer life via utilizing scientific and technological means, building information systems, and provision of IT services.

The 96156 Beijing Community Service Platform, which covers 16 districts/ counties, 1 economic development zone, 183 street offices and 2,539 neighborhood committees in Beijing, not only serves the community management institutions at all levels but also provides, to a total of 13 mln residents 200 strong items of convenience-featured services such as home-care for the aged, marriage registration, household service, funeral and interment service, and help that aims at helping the disabled etc.. The same system is now also serving the city of WuHan, DongGuan and ShiJiaZhuang in China.

CapInfo’s Smart Community Products include the following series: the Community Service Portal (public service, public well-fare service, convenience service), Community Management Information System (Community version, Work Group version and, Web version), Community Management Information Analysis System, Integrated Social Service Management Platform, Residents/Village Committee General Election Information Management System, Integrated Community 15 Minutes Life Circle Service Platform, Community Volunteer Service Platform, Marriage Registration Service System, Accessibility Exchange Service Platform etc..

Smart CAPINFO is with you!

Urban Transportation

CapInfo’s Smart City Administration and Service provide visual monitoring and command, refined supervision and management, intelligentized decision-making and assessment. It allows our city management operations safer, more efficient, furnishing city administrators a timely and precise decision-making basis.

The Beijing City Management Platform and the Olympic City Command System allow city administrators realize an informationalized, standardized, refined and motional operation; the 12345 Non-Emergency Aid Service System, the Public Opinion Analysis System assist government with a timely and precise handling of non-emergency incidents and effective resolve of conflicts and crisis; building of the “Beijing Parking Management Center” by applying the Internet of Things technology realizes a dynamic monitoring of roadside parking sites, parking fee information collection and digitalized paying and clearing, which is a help to relieve the capital city’s traffic jam problem……

CapInfo Smart City Administration and Service products come in series and they include the City Administration and Environment System & Management Hotline, the Emergency Command Information System, the Digital Municipal Administration Solutions, the e-Government Public Service Application Platform, the e-Government Office System, the Grid-Enabled Social Service and Management System, the Public Opinion Analysis System, the Non-Emergency Aid Service System etc..  

Smart CAPINFO is with you!

Housing Fund

As the total package contractor of the Beijing Public Housing Fund Management Center, the GuangZhou Public Housing Fund Management Center, CapInfo has helped, by providing high-end technical services such as payment, loan, guarantee services to housing fund management authorities and hundreds of billions of housing funds collation, millions of housing fund depositors realized their housing dreams。

CapInfo’s Smart Livelihood Series of Products on housing information include the National Information Reporting System, the Integrated Public Housing Fund Business Management, the Public Housing Online Business System, the Public Housing Fund Writing-Downs/Repayments System, the Public Housing Fund Loan Guarantee System, the Public Housing System Fund Operation Monitoring System; in addition, CapInfo is also a participating unit of the Industry Information Standard Formulation of the Public Housing Fund of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. We can provide to you informationalized housing service solutions in all dimensions, relevant information service products and IT operation service and industry consultation services.

Our main serving clients include: Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Office of Housing Guarantee of Beijing, and the Public Housing Fund Management Center of the following cities of China: Beijing, GuangZhou, NanNing, GuiLin, GuiGang, BeiHai, ShaoGuan, LiuZhou, WuZhou, and CangZhou.

Smart CAPINFO is with you!

Public Security

In face of  city population’s mobile feature, the informationalzed society and the more diversifiably committed crimes of the present day, CapInfo uses such informationalized means as computer technology, electronic map technology, GPS to help public security  authorities and relevant departments maintain public security through providing solutions and IT services such as the Public Security and Judicial Administration Law Enforcement Monitoring System, the Public Security Information Sharing Platform, Public Opinion Information System, Public Order Prevention and Control Monitoring System, Social Stability Maintenance Information Monitoring System, Public Security Intelligence Information Application Platform, Public Security Criminal Investigation Operation System, Satellite Positioning Vehicle Monitoring System, Informationalized Meat Products Monitoring System etc..

Our major clients include Beijing Municipal Bureau of Public Security, ShenZhen Municipal Commission of Politics and Law, the Political Department of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Public Security, the Criminal Investigation Corps, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Public Security ChangPing Branch, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Public Security TongZhou Branch, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Public Security FengTai Branch, Customs and Border Protection Bureau of Ministry of Public Security, Guard Bureau of Ministry of Public Security etc..

Smart CAPINFO is with you!

Corporate Cloud Service

We provide to our enterprise customers on-demand, highly stable and tailorable cloud service with our profound platform resources, clients resources and technology strength. Taking SaaS as our main service model, we “change clouds into rains,” enabling you to harvest the value created by our cloud services. We solemnly commit that the service standards we credited to the Beijing Olympic Games are the ones that we are to serve you!

CapInfo Series of Cloud Service Products include PAAS, IAAS, SAAS (for SMs), Multi-Lingual Services, Mobile Business Cloud Service, Workflow Engine, Online Official Document Delivery and Notification System, Online Contract Management System, Online Procurement System, Online Client Relations Management System, Online Knowledge and Sharing System etc..

Smart CAPINFO is with you!